Search Options

Search for item numbers:

  1. MEDICON item numbers with or without points, e.g. "28.65.20" or "286520".
  2. When entering a part of the item number, e.g. "28.65", all items containing these numbers are found.
  3. You can also search for competitor item numbers. If they correspond the respective MEDICON items are listed. Please note that these numbers have to be entered including all characters.

Logical Search:
Besides single search words you have the option to combine search words. In this case please use the "+" symbol.

The search word "scissors + Metzenbaum + curved + 15 cm" finds all items containing "scissors" AND "Metzenbaum" AND "curved" AND "15 cm".

Field search:
You can also search for single fields. If for example you want to find all items with the author "Metzenbaum" please enter: "author=Metzenbaum". In the same way you can search for other fields.

The field search can also be combined with the logical search option: "author=Metzenbaum + length=15 cm".