Autologous Fat Transfer

Development partner Dr. med. Henning von Gregory

An autologous fat transfer has many applications in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The autologous fat cells of the patient are harvested by gentle liposuction, prepared, centrifuged, cleaned, and implanted in other parts of the body. This technique is used to rejuvenate areas that appear creased or sunken, such as sunken cheeks and deep wrinkles. Autologous fat has the distinct advantage of being well tolerated and eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction.

It is crucial that no damage occurs to the delicate fat cells during the harvesting and transplanting process.  Therefore highly quality precision Instrumentation is absolutely vital. This guarantees that the autologous fat transfer site successfully heals and the desired result is achieved.


  • Gentle micro-fat harvesting, -preparation and – application in the face and hand area
  • High quality manufacturing of the cannulas allows gentle harvesting of the fat which increases the healing rate significantly
  • Safe preparation according to European cleaning standards
  • Luer-Lock connection guarantees secure fit of the cannula
  • The Medicon product range also features special cannulas for the release of internal scar tissue in addition to the micro-cannulas for injection in the facial area


Lipo-Injection dosage handle

  • Special features for targeted lipografting
  • No fat cells are destroyed during the autologous fat injection
  • Accurate dosage release allows precise delivery of the autologous fat

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