Flexible Implant System „Allrounder“

The implant system „Allrounder“ consists of different modular trays with a wide selection of implants and tools from the ImplantArt Osteosynthesis system. It offers a storage possibility for surgical basic equipment applied for fractures of the midface, maxilla and mandible as well as for corrective osteotomies.

The ImplantArt Osteosynthesis system consists of a wide range of plates and screws. These implants are included in the compact implant system Allrounder which is suitable for various indications. Due to this flexibility not every single indication requires a separate implant system. In consequence, storage costs and space requirements are reduced.

  • Universal storage shelves with varying numbers of storing spaces allow individual configuration and combination of different ImplantArt Osteosynthesis systems
  • "Trace-ID Pins" and screw magazines with identification data guarantee the traceability of the implants
  • Intelligent color coding system enables an easy identification of the implants
  • Open design guarantees best possible access for cleaning and sterilization purposes
  • Individual configuration in accordance to the actual need saves time when filling, maintaining and upkeeping the sets

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