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System for Bone-Anchored Palatal Expansion "Å-RPE"

Development partner Prof. Dr. odont. Birte Melsen

The "Å-RPE" anchoring system is used for bone-anchored, rapid palatal expansion (RPE) in combination with a commercially available RPE expansion screw (third party product) for correction of a narrow upper jaw and an anterior narrow front teeth in the upper jaw.
Bone anchored RPE expansion screw devices are a good alternative to tooth-borne fixation of RPE expansion screw especially in patients with weak bone and peridontium.

While performing a palatal expansion during the change from primary to permanent teeth in children and adolescents the "Å-RPE" system helps to avoid stress and damage on the teeth. But even in adult patients when only a skeletal effect is desired, the "Å-RPE" system can be used.

Benefits regarding the teeth  

  • Gentle treatment of all teeth, low impact on the gingival cleft - avoids tilting of the teeth
  • No root resorption and no deterioration of the cortical bone on the anchoring tooth due to bone anchored fixation
  • No irritation of the mucous membrane at the periodontal gap
  • Prosthetic bridges do not have to be split

Benefits regarding the expansion result

  • Force acts directly on the palate, therefore no loss of force
  • No tilting since the segments move parallel
  • During the retention phase, the bone anchoring prevents relapse caused by movement of the teeth

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More detailed information regarding sizes and models can be found in the brochure "Å-RPE".

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