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MEDICON: 80 years - Tradition - Innovation - Evolution

The beginning of the anniversary year on October 04, 2021 also marks the first year of the new Managing Director Andreas Burger.


He has been part of the Medicon team for 20 years before he was appointed Managing Director of Medicon in October 2020. Until then, he was responsible for research / development and product management and a member of the Executive Board.




80 years ago, on October 04, 1941, 13 craftsmen in the field of medical technique from the Tuttlingen region founded the association "Chirurgie-Union", which was renamed “MEDICON Chirurgiemechanikergenossenschaft” in the early 1950s. What started back then for reasons of material and personnel shortages in Germany's dark times, developed into a stable association of companies located in the region. Today, Medicon eG, together with its member companies, have about 400 employees and customers in more than 120 countries of the world.

Andreas Burger emphasises the core quality of the association as the capacity of the member companies to evolve over the course of time from the traditional surgical handicraft to technologically advanced companies. This is driven by the determination to secure production, know-how and ultimately jobs in the region of Tuttlingen. In the past, Medicon eG has advanced due to the technological achievements of the cooperative resulting in the introduction of innovative new products.

The task for the future is to continuously advance the competitiveness through consistent product line specialisation and technical innovation. For this reason, new goals were redefined by the management team in the past year to restructure the company. Medicon is already being restructured and necessary investments for future viability will be made in order to be an attractive employer and a global, innovative partner in medical technology.

An important role in this process is played by our distribution partners around the world. We would like to thank all our partners worldwide for their support, loyalty and friendship over the last eight decades of Medicon.