Course on Auricular Reconstruction

Dear Colleagues!

The construction of an auricle from autologous tissue is highly complex and demanding for the reconstructive surgeon. Depending on the characteristics of the underlying malformation or deformity, there are various surgical techniques available, which in specialized hands, promise regularly achievable attractive and stable results.

We have specialized in reconstructive and esthetic auricular surgery for many years and have reconstructed more than one thousand malformed or amputated auricles up to now.

After very successful previous courses within the last years we will present an overview on our clinical experience, let you observe our surgery and help you individually during our special carving and sculpturing workshop at this international course on auricular surgery. Beside our concepts and techniques in major auricular surgery we will also present a practical guide in the management of more minor and moderate abnormalities.

We hope you will enjoy the course, go home with new experiences and be able to use them in your daily work for your patients benefit right away.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ralf Siegert & Dr. Ralph Magritz

Day 1

08.00 am Registration

08.30 am Welcome

08.45 am Presentation of the patients for

09.00 am Live Surgery

01.30 pm Lunch

03.00 pm Classification of auricular malformations

03.20 pm Reconstrcution of typical Lobule- and Concha typ microtia

03.40 pm Hearing restoration in microtia - our evolution

04.00 pm Coffee break

04.20 pm Ear reconstruction in the high up north - my personal way

04.40 pm The Nijmegen experience in microtia and atrestia repair

05.00 pm Discussion

07.00 pm Dinner

Day 2

09.00 am Advanced auricular reconstruction in traumatic, revisional and other complex

09.20 am Surgery of protruding ears - traditional and innovative techniques

09.40 am Surgery of macrotia

09.55 am Coffee break

10.25 am Surgery of cup ear deformities

10.45 am Surgery of acquired auricular defects

11.00 am Tactile- and thermal perception of (re)constructed ears

11.20 am Postoperative management

11.40 am Discussion

12.00 pm Lunch

12.45 pm Carving and sculpturing workshop

05.00 pm  Farewell

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