Continuously Adjustable Suction Cannula PEN

Development partner Prof. Marco Cenzato

The continuously adjustable suction cannula PEN can be applied in all surgical areas and meets the most important surgical requirements. In combination with a suction pump, the continuously adjustable suction cannula PEN is applied for sucking liquids and solid particles. Furthermore, induction is possible for relocating the cell structures. With the complete adapter – apart from the flexible cannulas of the PEN – suction cannulas for single use with plug connection can be applied.

  • Precise handling of delicate tissue due to progressive and ergonomic adjustment of the suction power by the surgeon; no assistant needed
  • Conical suction tube avoids clogging of the cannula leading to a continuous surgery without time-consuming replacement of the cannula
  • Different holding and finger positions guarantee a comfortable handling which is very helpful during long-lasting surgeries
  • Rotating tube attachment for torsion-free handling
  • Different sizes and diameters of the flexible cannulas guarantee an ideal adaption of the cannulas to the accessibility of the surgical field
  • Bayonet-shaped joint for a quick replacement of the cannula
  • Easy dismantling assures effective cleaning

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