Our way is unique.

Medicon eG is based in Tuttlingen, is an internationally well-known medical technology company that connects tradition, innovation and evolution, unlike any other company.

Medicon is the only manufacturer who offers our customers a full range of products of which almost all articles are "Made in Germany". And this will not change in the future. 


How do we accomplish?

We are a cooperative of specialists and have been since our foundation in 1941. This has allowed us to constantly improve and evolve by connecting traditional craftsmanship with great innovative strength and high-tech production processes.

This approach has us not only made a reliable supplier of high-quality standard products but also an innovator of high-tech niche products. As an association we think and act as a community. We also include our customers and our patients in addition to our consortium of manufacturers and employees. Our approach is successful because we act as a team. And together we realize our philosophy not to accept business at any cost but instead embrace social responsibility and always act in the best interest of the patient. After all, we are active in an industry that is one of the most important ones for people: Medical Technology. 

For us, progress has tradition.

Medicon eG is a company rich in tradition whose origins lie in the production of instruments. From very beginning, progress has been one of the most important factors for our employees.

With Medicon, one can rely on unique technology: In our production plants, we ensure 100% quality assurance. This is the reason why for decades our products have been known for their consistently high quality all around the world, in addition to our extensive production capability. Our specialists are happy to accommodate individual demands. All materials that are common in medical technology are available, and all of our services are custom-tailored for the user.

Our philosophy of quality "Made in Germany" products is what makes us different from our competitors: Each of our member companies in our association is a specialist in their field. Together we offer a complete product range that is manufactured almost completely in Germany.



More than just numbers.

Medicon offers a portfolio of more than 35,000 products. Almost every single product can be delivered quickly no matter of the destination thanks to our special storage logistics concepts. Medicon is present in more than 120 countries. Our member companies and over 400 employees accomplish this and also ensure the high quality of our products

With certainty.