Surgical instruments have to operate reliably in the hand of the surgeon for the welfare of the patient. Day by day.

Therefore skilled reprocessing and good maintenance of the high quality instruments and instrument systems are indispensable.
We support our customers and partners with different documents and services promoting professional instrument maintenance:

Medicon Courses - SURGICAL Education

Experience the difference of surgical instruments made by Medicon in a two-day course. Gain deep insights into topics like the science of the raw material or the sophisticated production of surgical instruments and implants and – last but not least – the correct instrument reprocessing within the instrument cycle of your clinic.
Lectures and hands-on workshops will provide you with profound knowledge about the typical failures in reprocessing, their causes and how to correct them.

Medicon Courses Education take place in Tuttlingen or on-site at your hospital or clinic.

Medicon Courses - SURGICAL Education

Poster Instrument Maintenance

The Poster provides all the essential information and principles for professional reprocessing. Our “The Instrument Guys” pictorially symbolize the cycle of surgical instruments in the clinical setting.

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Set Checking

With the MEDICON Set Checking Service we support you to gain a complete overview of the condition and contents of your instrument sets in use.

Get here further information about the Medicon service Set Checking

Instructions for maintenance

The MEDICON Extranet provides you with detailed reprocessing instructions for every medical product group within the MEDICON range which is not single use.

Please follow the link to the MEDICON Extranet, register and get access to the whole catalog of reprocessing instructions for MEDICON products.

You may search by item numbers or article descriptions.