Mouth Gag and Tongue Spatula

Mouth Gag “Denhart-Hoefert“
Development partner PD Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Sebastian Hoefert

The instrument helps to keep the mouth of the patient open during surgical procedures with many different applications in CMF or ENT surgery.

The movable tooth rests are a special feature that improves the well-known “Denhart” mouth gag. They offer a better adaption to the alveolar ridge - with or without teeth. The movable rests balance unintentional manipulations of the mouth gag during the surgical procedures. The design of the tooth rests keeps close contact to the dental cusps avoiding slipping and damaging of tooth enamel.

  • Moveable tooth rests provide a better adaption of the mouth gag to the alveolar ridge and tooth cusps
  • Compensates movements of the mandible and unintentional manipulations of the mouth gag
  • Reduced dislocation tendency and frequency in comparison to conventional mouth gags
  • By using the tongue spatulas „Hanna“ and „Claudinha“ for the retraction of the tongue -  the mouth gag can be used without additional surgical assistance

Tongue Spatula Claudinha and Hanna
Development partner PD Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Sebastian Hoefert

Used together with the Denhart-Hoefert mouth gag both tongue spatula "Hanna" and "Claudinha" help to retract the patients tongue during surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

  • Flexible material on both spatula permit the individual adaptation to the anatomical conditions in the oral cavity
  • No surgical assistance is necessary for retaining the tongue
  • Narrowing of the spatula allows twisting and therefore permits adaption in all three dimensions
  • Further benefits of the Claudinha spatula: Improved grip of the tongue due to the enlargement of the spatula