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Instruments for Cranio Maxillofacial Surgery

Surgeries of the facial area – performed for functional or aesthetic reasons – represent a great challenge. Extremely complex anatomical structures meet on a very limited area and can interfere with functions like breathing or speaking.

The cranio maxillofacial surgery includes multiple procedures starting from the soft tissu surgery up to fracture treatment and orthodontics. Intraoral approaches are becoming increasingly important. The Medicon product portfolio for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery meets these surgical needs. All instruments have been functionally adapted to the anatomical areas with difficult surgical approach. Medicon instruments guarantee optimal visibility and allow performing surgery on a limited surgical field.

Apart from high-quality instruments, Medicon offers courses for surgeons in the area of cranio maxillofacial surgery. By participating in Medicon Courses, surgeons have the possibility to extend their knowledge and benefit from the experience of well-known surgeons. Further information concerning the detailed course content you will find at www.medicon-courses.de