Sterile Supply

Maintenance of surgical instruments is vital for the protection of patients, but also for users and third parties. Proper function and long life is guaranteed only by professional reprocessing of the instruments.

The MEDICONTAINER 2.0 product line has many design features that support the requirements to optimize efficient sterile processing.

  • "TOX®Clinch" sealing is guaranteed to be one hundered percent leak proof at the sealing surfaces between components and fittings.  There will be no leaks even after years of use
  • The Barrier filter system ensures the efficient control of bacteria and germs by means of its integrated  sterilization filter. It can be used as often as required and yet creates no future operating cost
  • Distortion-free  - Special manufacturing methods offer container lids that provide a guaranteed  stiffness.  This ensures an absolute seal
  • Wide stainless steel handles with a 90° stop allow comfortable and balanced handling
  • Lid and bottom of solid aluminium assure an effective subsequent drying process inside the container and avoid residual moisture 


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