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Medicon`s latest product Å-RPE (Århus rapid palatal expansion) supports the application of the classic palatal expansion devices with a bone borne fixation.

Developed in cooperation with Prof. em. Dr. odont. Birte Melsen, Aarhus, Denmark

Palatal expansion screws are used for the treatment of a narrow upper jaw or anterior crowded teeth. The bone-anchored expansion screw is an ideal solution particularly for patients with a weak bony structure and weak paradontium.

  • Children and adolescents during the change from primary to permanent teeth.
  • Adult patients where a purely skeletal effect is desired and strain on the teeth is to be avoided

Through the direct introduction of force into the palatine bone, the bone anchored fixation of an expansion screw ensures even widening without the known side effects of tooth-supported fixation.

Advantages of bone anchored fixation - Å-RPE

  • Regarding the teeth
    • gentle treatment of all teeth
    • no root resorption on the anchoring tooth
    • no deterioration of the cortical bone on the buccal side of the anchoring tooth
    • avoids tilting of the teeth
    • low impact on the gingival cleft
    • no irritation of the mucuos membrane at the periodontal gap
    • prosthetic bridges do not have to be split
  • Regarding the expansion result
    • force acts directly on the palate, no loss of force
    • parallel movement of the segments, no tilting
    • during the retention phase, the bone anchoring prevents relpase caused by movement of the teeth

If we have raised your interest, please contact us.

The Å-RPE Anchoring screw will be presented at the Medicon booth during the EACMFS, September 23 - 26, 2014 in Prague.

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