COLOR YOUR TOOLS! – the offer to supply surgical instruments in different color shades is only one example for the client orientation of our company - in the true sense of the meaning.

Color identifies

Colored instruments are definitely well-defined. It takes just one look in a second. This means that you can organize you ambitious daily challenges more economically and efficiently. Therefore, take the opportunity and color your tools.

Color personalizes

Now it's really easy to give your instruments this special flair, your favorite color. Everybody, anywhere knows whose instruments are in use. You ans all the members of the other team. Colors make the personal assignment very easy and distinctive.

Color diffentiates

Different colors of instruments with nearly identic shape and dimensions provide definitive safety to the operator, to always choose the required working element. The different colors indicate the diameter of working length.

Color organizes

It is rather simple to organzise particular types of instrument sets or organize surgical disciplines by utilizing colors. Color coding can guarantee confusion free identification of your instruments and simplify tool classification and organization. Without any loss of instruments.

Color solidifies

Colored instruments are partially coated and colored. Due to the extensive surface treatment of the surgical instruments prior to coating and the coating process itself the corrosion resistance of the biocompatible surface enhances.

Color glamorizes

Daily life and workplace will become much more beautiful with color. This is also true for the patient. Even demanding and highly responsible work will get done more easily and open up completely new experiences. You'll have more fun when coloring your tools.