Maintenance Products for Surgical Instruments

The use of surgical instruments during operations puts a lot of stress to the instruments. The frequent opening and closing of the instruments leads to friction between the moving parts that rub against each other. Because of that a thorough maintenance of the instruments is essential after the cleaning and before each sterilization. In order to maintain the quality and the material value in the best possible way, the instruments should be lubricated after each cleaning. This prevents abrasion, friction wear, corrosion, and stiffness of the instruments.

When choosing a lubricant we need to make sure that it is based on medical grade white oil, biocompatible, steam sterilizable, and steam permeable. The Medicon lubricants meet these requirements exactly and contribute to a longer life of the instruments.

  • Prevention of friction wear or jamming of the joints and locks
  • Effective long-time protection against corrosion
  • Preservation of smooth-running functionality

Supplementary Products & Services

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