Instruments for Rib Graft Harvesting "Rib Harvest Set"

Development partner Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Gubisch & Rollin K. Daniel, MD

Autologous rib cartilage is often used for the reconstruction in rhinoplasty and auricular plastic. The “Rib Harvest Set” is utilized for harvesting through a minimal invasive incision.

  • Parker-Langenbeck Retractors

the teeth allow the spreading of the soft tissue without slipping

  • Daniel-Gubisch Raspatories

the raspatories are available in three curvatures, curved tips and especially sharpened blades, making it possible to slightly lift the perichondrium all the way around without causing any damage

  • Daniel-Gubisch Rib Raspatories

Raspatories are much finer than conventional rib graft harvesting raspatories. Ideally suited for extracting cartilage

  • Double-ended Daniel-Gubisch Raspatory

With its sharp rounded end and the flat abrasive end it is perfectly suited for removing the perichondrium

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