Advanced Rhinoplasty Instrument Set

Development partner Rollin K. Daniel, MD

Rhinoplasty is subject to a continous development. The representative example is the influence given by the open approach on all aspects of rhinoplasty surgery, from the different suture techniques in the area of the nasal tip up to the complete septoplasty. The last years had shown developments of important surgical techniques by means of product innovation and modification.

For one decade the emphasis was on surgeries at the nasal tip. Nowadays there are bigger changes through elevating the soft tissue layer or at carrying out controlled osteotomies. The latter guarantees the achievement of the desired dorsal line while overcoming the natural asymmetry of the bony vault.

This brochure with its proposal for instrument sets considers those new influences. At the same time it contains a summary of the most important instruments for the advanced rhinoplasty according to the philosophy of Rollin K. Daniel, MD, Newport Beach, CA.