Special Products for Mammoplasty

Operative breast augmentation became one of the most popular operations in aesthetic-plastic surgery in recent years. Numbers of cases increase every year worldwide. High quality instruments are essential to achieve optimum results during surgery.

Breast dissectors for gentle tissue preparation
Development partner Prof. Dr. Dr. Solz

  • Achieve excellent non-traumatic and accurate separation of the tissue layers
  • No risk of penetration of the related tissue during the preparation
  • Since the tissue structures are pressed and/or stretched aside by the dissector in gentle circling movements, the danger of postoperative bleeding of the implant area is clearly reduced
  • Shorter healing phases and less perioperative bleeding
  • Bayonet-shape permits optimal manipulation through the incision in the armpit
  • Damaging of the inlays is practically impossible due to the smooth surface and the optimized shape of the dissector
  • The use of the breast dissector allows precise positioning and spreading of the implant

Breast rectractor for clear preparation
Development partner Dr. Mario Marx

This curved retractor is especially applicable to all types of breast surgeries, axillary dissections , and for sentinel lymph node biopsies, allowing a clear preparation.

  • Optimal conformity of the retractor blade to the lateral thoracic wall, the armpit, and the convexity of the mammary gland
  • The mobilized and moved tissue is held by the entire blade surface due to its curved shape and  notches
  • Unobstructed view of the surgical site due to the convex curved retractor blade
  • Intermittent stress on the vulnerable fat tissue is significantly reduced

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