Pneumatic High-Speed Motor System "VipAir"

The Medicon pneumatic high speed "VipAir" system was specially designed for reaming and drilling procedures on bones of the skull or spine. With the optional splash guard it can also be used for dermabrasion. The system combines safety and precision in an ergonomic design with maximum performance in a unit of minimum dimensions. State-of-the-art technology reduces the noise level to a minimum. Thanks to the multitude of different accessories, the pneumatic high speed system can be used in neurosurgery, orthopedics, ENT surgery, and dermatology.

  • Angled motor:  100.000 rpm and 2.8 Ncm at 8 bar (116 PSI)
  • Trepan motor:  950 rpm and 45 Ncm at 8 bar (116 PSI)      
  • Maximum performance using the smallest possible configuration
  • Ergonomy and balance guarantee precision and instrument control
  • A low-noise level motor ensures stressfree working environment
  • Non-lubricated motor is easy to maintain
  • Secure and quick handling due to the special coupling
  • Cooling effect of compressed air avoids overheating of the motor
  • Wide range of surgical handpieces and microsaws can be utilized with the INTRA coupling motor
  • Allows easy handling with an unobstructed view for minimally invasive procedures

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