Smog Adapter

Tissue alteration in the vagina or the cervix uteri are often triggered by human papilloma-viruses (HPV). This type of virus can cause condyloma and carcinoma. The smog which is produced during energy-based interventions can contain – among other harmful substances – HPV-DNA, which represents a risk for medical professionals.

Literature recommends wearing of appropriate face masks and direct aspiration of the smog as protective measures. Common face masks as used in the OR do not serve as reliable protection since these masks only protect the surrounding from the exhaled air.

The MEDICON Smog Adapter can be combined with common self-retaining vaginal specula and thus ensure the safety of patients and medical professionals.

  • For smog aspiration during energy-based interventions in order to remove pathological tissue alteration in the area of the vagina, vulva or anus
  • Avoiding the transmission of vaporised HPV-DNA from the patient to the surgeon
  • Improved visibility during ablative treatment particularly in vagina and cervix uteri
  • Compatibility with common self-retaining vaginal specula

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