Titanium Plate System "Epiplating" for osseo-integrated Bone Anchorage of craniofacial Prosthesis

The possibility to fix craniofacial prosthesis and hearing aids with titanium implants directly to the bone, revolutionized the rehabilitation of patients with craniofacial defects.
Most important in this respect is the treatment of defects which are caused by innate malformation, trauma or tumor surgery. There´s no other method which gives the same kind of secure fixation of craniofacial prosthesis and bone anchored hearing aids.

The physician is able to offer a reliable and cosmetically sophisticated concept for rehabilitation after surgical tumor therapy to his patients. This is especially important when tumor surgery means a disfiguring procedure with complete resection of the nose, the ear or the orbita. Osseo-integrated bone anchorage by titanium implants and the following prosthetic care is of great benefit for the patients with craniofacial defects.

The Medicon “Ti-Epiplating system” includes a series of implants which were specifically developed for the bone-anchoring of craniofacial prosthesis and hearing aids. These were exactly adapted to the anatomy of different areas of the skull, like eye, nose or ear.

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