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Over the last few years minimally invasive approaches in the area of spinal surgery have gained great importance. This is related to the aim of minimizing stress on the patient. Moreover, the influence of modern techniques for imaging procedures plays an important role.

In the literature the advantages of minimally invasive approaches in the area of spinal surgery are emphasized:

  • Less traumatic for the patient and therefore shorter stay in the hospital
  • Less postoperative analgetic consumption
  • Segmental stability and less scar tissue in the surgical area

The "cervicalino" spinal spreading system is suited
for anterior cervical minimally invasive approaches.

The "piccolino" spinal spreading system is suitable
for miniaturized subperiosteal paravertebral access techniques as well as for transmuscular approach techniques.

The "Microdisc-XS" techniques combines the less traumatic "endoscopic" muscle-splitting approach with the proven "microsurgical" advantages in the surgical field.
The progressive spreading in depth ensures adequate vision of the surgical target area despite the miniaturized approach.

This technique, referred to as microscopically assisted percutaneous nucleotomy (MAPN) allows optimal, three-dimensional visualisation of the surgical field by using a surgical microscope. Access to the spinal canal is provided by a working channel, introduced through transmuscular dilatation.