Bimaxillary Surgery "bimax"

Development partners Prof. Dr. Pier Francesco Nocini, Dr. Massimo Albanese, Prof. Dario Bertossi, Dr. ssa Nadia Toller

The bimaxillary surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in the area of orthognathic surgery. The primary goal of this procedure is  to reconstruct the occlusion of the maxilla and mandible as well as to guarantee the patient‘s absence of symptoms. The second goal is to obtain an ideal aesthetic result.

This brochure contains step-by-step instructions for bimax surgeries as well as the sequence of instruments used. The purpose of this work is to offer a useful tool to the bimax surgery team in order to improve and complete their surgical instrument set for bimax operations.

The brochure includes explanations about all surgical steps of bimaxillary surgeries. The utilized surgical images serve as an illustration. Furthermore, the brochure provides information about the implants and instruments needed for for the different surgical steps.