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Patient Specific Implants for Reconstruction of complex Defects

Very often complex defects of the facial and cranial skull cannot be reconstructed in a proper way with autologous bone, meshes or bone substitute material. With patient-specific implants from the skull reconstruction up to the reconstruction of the mandible, even complex defects can be reconstructed.

Based on a computed tomography scan, the implants are designed and manufactured by the Medicon cooperation partner Xilloc individually for each patient. The „implantArt Osteosynthese“ Titan Mini Screws are applied for fixation through pre-planned, patented tangential fixation holes (InterFix). The patient specific implants itself are manufactured from the biocompatible material PEEK or Titanium.

  • No need of intraoperative remodelling leading to a reduced surgery time
  • Based on a CT scan, the implants are perfectly adapted to the patients‘ needs
  • The implant covers all indications, even complex structures can be reconstructed due to individually manufactured implants
  • No follow-up surgeries required and reduced rehabilitation time
  • Implant is not palpable and assures excellent aesthetic result
  • No need of additional plates for fixation due fixation holes based on the CT scan
  • Traceability of the implants by engraved reference number