1.2 CMS – Implant System

The 1.2 CMS-Implant system is used for the fixation of very thin bones of the calvaria and the face, specifically in infant and pediatric surgery. The implants are also suitable for the fixation of bony structures of the orbital region, the fronto-nasal transition, and regions with low soft tissue coverage. Alternatively, the plates can be used for segmental osteotomies.


  • Plates are available in standard and rigid
  • Trace-ID Pins guarantee a safe traceability of the plates


  • Screws are available in self-tapping and emergency
  • Easy screw pick up due to the sunk screws in the screw cartridge
  • Cartridges offer significant advantages such as traceability and time saving when refilling the trays or reordering

Tray & Accessories

  • Modular storage system permits individual configurations of the various components of the system
  • Open design ensures optimal accessibility during cleaning and sterilization
  • All instruments and screws are color coded and correlate with the specific system and therefore make it simple to match to the appropriate system

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