Surgical Management of craniofacial defects with implant-retained prostheses ("epistheses")

Dear collegues,

The first extraoral application of osseointegrated titanium implants for craniofacial defects dates back more than three decades. This event marked a great improvement in the management of craniofacial defects by bone-anchored craniofacial prostheses (“epistheses”). Since then, numerous efforts have been made to improve the applicability and outcome in adverse anatomical situations. One result of the evolutionary process was the development of the Epiplating system by Medicon eG in collaboration with Prof. P. Federspil, Ph. A. Federspil and M. Schneider. It basically consists of titanium miniplates adapted to the needs of anaplastology. Over 15 years, the Epiplating system proved to be very versatile, allowing to place implants in (almost) all defects. The aim of this course is to give a very practical insight in the Epiplating system. To be as interactive as possible, we limited the number of course participants. Surgical approaches and implantation will be demonstrated in the Department of Anatomy. Moreover, you will assist surgical cases live in the OR next to the surgeon. Later in the dry lab, you will have the opportunity of bending and handling the plates yourself.
We would be very happy to welcome you in
Heidelberg for this course

Philippe A. Federspil & Peter K. Plinkert

Course Directors:
Priv.- Doz. Dr. Philippe A. Federspil
Prof. Dr. Peter K. Plinkert

Day 1

09.00 am Welcome and Introduction

09.15 am The evolution of bone anchorage up to
the Epiplating system & Surgical technique

10.00 am Surgical Management of craniofacial
defects with the Epiplating system -
auricular defects

11.00 am Surgical Management of craniofacial
defects with the Epiplating System -
nasal defects

11.30 am Surgical Management of craniofacial
defects with the Epiplating System -
orbital defects

12.00 pm Lunch

02.00 pm Demonstration of implantation and
surgical approaches in the Anatomy lab

04.30 pm The Ulm experience with the Epiplating system

05.00 pm The Hornheide experience with the Epiplating System

05.30 pm Presentation of planned surgical cases

07.00 pm Get together in Heidelberg

Day 2

08.00 Live Surgery within Coffee Break 
Case series:"How would you manage the defect?"
Participants are invited to present their own cases

within Coffee Break
Bone anchored craniofacial prostheses in children

12.00 pm Lunch

02.00 pm Meet patients with implant-retained prostheses

03.00 pm Results and complications

03.30 pm The anaplastologist's view

04.00 pm Hands-on training with the Epiplating System

06.00 pm Farewell & Certificates

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